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Happy Thursday! We’re so excited to be sponsoring The Film Theory Workshop! We are happy to announce that we have partnered with @nataliejaynephotographyy & @rudneynovaes for their film photography workshop on October 8th and 9th in Washington DC. This workshop is for beginner photographers looking for hands-on experience with film photography.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have any previous experience to learn the art of film. They are completely sold out of Early Bird tickets, but if you use the code GINGERLAB, you can still grab a seat with an additional $25 off until Friday, October 4th!

Hosts: @nataliejaynephotographyy & @Rudneynovaes

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Comparing Jose Villa's DVLOP presets

Today we’re comparing Jose Villa’s DVLOP presets 🙌🏻

In this test we’ve compared:

  • DVLOP Fuji 400 Frontier

  • DVLOP Fuji 400 Noritsu

  • DVLOP Portra 800 Frontier

  • DVLOP Portra 800 Noritsu

Comparing C1ick profiles

You asked, we listened. Here’s a quick comparison chart of different C1ick profiles – C1ick Fuji 400 Frontier, C1ick Fuji 400 Noritsu, C1ick Portra 400 Frontier and C1ick Portra 400 Noritsu.

Comparison of Mastin Fuji Presets

It’s always hard to choose which film preset to go for – so here’s another useful comparison chart of popular Mastin Labs Fuji presets made to match your digitals to film scans.

From our experience Mastin Labs presets, especially the Fuji 400h ones, deliver very accurate results in respect to what a film shot would look like.

In this test here we’ve compared:

Mastin Fuji 400h preset
Mastin Fuji 400h pushed +1
Mastin Fuji 400h pushed +2
Mastin Fuji 160 preset
Mastin Fuji 160 pushed +1 and
Mastin Fuji 160 pushed +2.

Please let us know what you think and what other tests you’d like to see in the comments below 🙌🏻

Comparison of Film Presets

When you look around for a preset that would fit your style it’s really difficult to decide on one particular one – there are so many out there. To help you out we’ve decided to put together a comprehensive test of different film presets.

In this one we’ve compared Mastin Labs’ Fuji 400h, Noble Signature, Refined, Kindred Essential, Jose Villa’s DVLOP Fuji 400h Noritsu and C1ick Fuji 400h Noritsu.

Let us know of any other preset comparisons you’d like to see!

And here’s the actual film scan of a Fuji 400h shot if you’re curious: